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Эксперименты с водой

Short description:  high-penetrating emission ("torsion", "spinor", "radionic", magnetic vector potential emission) changes spatial polarization of water dipoles in Gouy–Chapman layer. This effect is still measurable several hours/days after impacting water.

Detection: measuring conductivity of water by deeply polarized electrodes

Replication: yes, see literature

Complexity of setup: low, EDL sensors are required

Experiments with water are highly polemized in the scientific community (e.g. in the context of homeopaty). This experiment does not relate to the "memory of water", however it allows a clear demonstration of structurization of water dipoles, which can exist some time after a high-penetration emission is removed. The setup has a source of emission, a shield protecting from EM field, and EDL sensors, see below.   



The exposition takes several minutes (usually <1 hour). In several experiments, a filter is installed in front of emitter, as shown in figure below.

After this, the container with water is rested for 10-50 hours. The EDL sensors measure effects, directly from the source of emission, the irradiated rested water, and normal water. We observe a clear difference between normal water (control experiments) and both irradiated water and a source of emission.   





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