Detector IGA-1 and generators of "nigh-penetrating emission"

Short Description: This video-review surveys several LED-, diode- and electromagnetic generators of a "high-penetrating emission" and the detector IGA-1. It briefly describes the characteristics and the manufacturers of these devices, shows measurement of the spectrum and intensity of the alternating electric and magnetic fields and demonstrates a detection of "high-penetrating emission" without generators and in the presence of shielded generators.

Keywords: IGA-1, generators EHMI, modules EHM, torsion generators, LED generator, small Akimov's generator, Puthoff's generator, spectrum analyzer SPECTRAN, the Aharonov-Bohm effect, the magnetic vector potential, transfer of information actions, spin-torsion interactions, macroscopic manifestations of quantum phenomena, the association of unconventional science, international journal of unconventional science.

Duration : 48 minutes