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Changes in statistical properties of radioactive decay

Short description: high-penetrating emission is capable of changing some statistic properties of radioactive decay - in particular, it shows a deviation of statistical straggling from Poisson's distribution. This effect is well reprodusible and easy to measure.

Detection: counting the number of beta-particles by a standard Geiger counter and calculating statistical properties of this measurement.

Replication: yes, see literature

Complexity of setup: low, however the source of weak radioactivity and Geiger counter with a computer interface is required

Several authors reported about changes of statistical properties of radioactive decay, e.g. 60Co as a source, under influence of cosmic events [4], rotating objects [2], and generators of a high-penetrating emission [3]. Image of a particular setup from [4] is shown below.


In an experiment (described in [3]) the generator impacts the Geiger counter with 60Co, this is shown below between 17:30 and 17:45. The standard deviation in this region is 0.064, which is about 5x smaller than it should be by Poisson's distribution and measured in other regions. 


Depending on operating mode of the generator, the statistical straggling can be smaller or larger, as shown below (from [7]).



This experiment is very easy to perform at such organizations, which have access to sources of weak radiactivity. Changing statistical properties can be useful for exploring different features of a high-penetrating emission. However it is not recommended to perform these experiments in a non-laboratory condition.


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