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Patents (all patents found in public databases, most of the patents have already expired)

Passive generators IM Shakhparonov The device for the vacuum polarization (SU1806477)
  IM Shakhparonov A device for decontamination of radioactive materials (RU2061266)
  IM Shakhparonov Method of magnetizing non-magnetic materials (RU_2192390)
  Kirpita PP Method and device for human exposure (RU2160133)
  Okhatrin AF The device for the power and impact on bioobekt way to assess its effectiveness (RU2074748)
  Fund Ordo protective device (DE3541480A1)
  Helmut Reder, protector of biogeopatagennyh zones (DE3015105A1)
  Paul Schweizer, Apparatus for measuring changes radiestezicheskih fields (DE3320518A1)
  Anton Ramsauer, Installation for protection of terrestrial radiation (DE3015105A1)
  Oscar Gerhard installation to prevent interference with radio receivers (DE616713A)
  Oscar Korsheld, Apparatus for therapeutic purposes, whether or not informed of suggestion (DE69340A)
  Allois Zor, protection from harmful fields (DE2360584A1)
  Roth Trude, protector of negitivnogo terrestrial radiation (DE3416157A1)
  Ian Dzhurzhdik, protection device or neutralize nezheletelnyh influences, influences or fields on the human body (DE3515307A1)
  BORGNI JEAN, Permanent protective device against radiation known to be harmful to living beings and more particularly to humans (FR2534142A1)
  Juasques Ravatin, Apparatus for amplifying emission due to shapes (WO001980000293)
EM generators Akimov AE The method of correcting the structural characteristics of the materials and device for its implementation (SU1748662)
  Werner Kropp [DE], method of processing a substrate in a magnetic vector potential and device for its implementation (RU2101842) original German patent DE4036648A1
  JSC "BIG" Method and device effects on microorganisms (RU2155083)
  Akimov AE The method of correcting the structural characteristics of the steel (RU2151204)
  Okhatrin AF The method of energy information and communication device for its implementation (RU2159009)
  Thou et al, Aparatus for generating electromagnetic radiation (US5792184A)
  HE Puthoff, "Communication Method and Apparatus with Signals Comprising Scalar and Vector Potentials without Electromagnetic Fields (US5845220)
  Ivan Rampl, Device for attenuating cellular metabolism (US 20100286469 A1)
  Бояршинов А.Е., Клюев А.В., Кокарева Н.А., Курапов С.А., Панов В.Ф., Стрелков В.В. ЭЛЕКТРОМАГНИТНАЯ АНТЕННА(RU2336612)
  Willet Parry, Means for affecting plant life processes (US000002308204)
Impact JSC "BIG" Device for the impact of the wave of information on microorganisms (RU2161516)
Воздействие Y.S. Karp, An appoarch for generation of programmable impact on biological objects (RU2004267)