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Generators of series Ehmi

Known Names: Multifunctional fields generator

Development (year): 2013 (Germany)

Production: in production (link to manufacturer)

Known Developers: S. Kernbach, (Cybertronica Research)

Main Sources: S. Kernbach, Replication Attempt: Measuring Water Conductivity with Polarized Electrodes, J. of Scientific Exploration, Vol. 27, No. 1, pp. 69–105, 2013


Development of the device. Development of the generators of this series took more than three years. All available references on English, German, French and Russian languages have been analysed, a patent search of over 200 different patents was performed, 19 prototypes of devices from different generations are produced. Long-term tests were conducted, 10 devices were sent to independent researchers. During that time, more than 3,000 experiments were performed. The core of the development strategy is the following: use only those principles that have worked well in the scientific community and evaluated well by consumers. The word "scientific" means performing verifiable and repeatable experiments, a history of development, availability of statistics in biological experiments.

The main purpose of the device. This device is designed to work with the biologically-active types of emission - the spectral light, magnetic field, resonance EM frequencies, as well as with an experimental phenomenon that has a few names: spin-, axion-, torsion field, the magnetic vector potential A, radiant energy, longitudinal waves, etc. All of them are characterized by properties such as a high penetration capability, biological activity, information imprinting. One of the intended usages of this device - working with information effects, such as recording and erasing information from the objects, the information impact on physical and chemical processes, influencing biological processes and exploring biological resonances.

The structure of the device. The generator includes several autonomous emitters combined by digital electronics. In this sense, this device is unique and has no analogues at the moment. The need for multiple modules is explained by flexibility of impact - depending on the type and nature of experimental objects, the device can be configured for specific combination of emissions.

  1. Module 1. LED matrix. This module uses the LED light (from the ultraviolet to infrared range) and frequency modulation for the color, light and resonance therapy. In addition, this module in a special mode of operation generates a high-penetrating component of the LED emission. This effect was discovered in 1997 by Russian scientist A.V. Bobrov. The LED module is a modification of the Bobrov' generator based on digital technology and the use of optimal high-voltage mode of the semiconductor junction and quantum effects of photon emission.
  2. Module 2. Magnetic vector potential (macroscopic effect of the Aharonov-Bohm effect, predicted theoretically in 1959). The second emitter has a great history  - it is known as the "Akimov generator", "electromagnetic torsion generator", "Deev generator", "Puthoff emitter" etc. There are a large number of experiments around the world that have confirmed its effectiveness. This design is also known in a large number of published works - in a number of variations. The used effect - the macroscopic Aharonov-Bohm effect - the axial magnetic components of a toroidal magnet with the radial electric component of a cylindrical capacitor.
  3. Module 3. Shape effect. Third module is based on the effect known as the shape effect. It has been observed that the specific forms demonstrate different effects. These are hexagonal cells (like honeycomb), spirals, pyramids, certain numerical relationships in geometry, etc. The module contains three shape-effect elements - two passive and one active. This module uses also some of the ideas that date back to the work of Tesla and used in Akimov' and Smirnov generators, and are associated with the transfer of energy by one conductor.
  4. Module 4. Polarized material. There are a large number of publications devoted to influence of emission on materials during the phase transition (from liquid to solid). First of all, it is the water and the effect associated with "memory of water", changing the shape of the crystals during freezing, the changes associated with the evaporation of water. These are also changes of metals during melting under the influence of radiation. It also concerns various polymers during polymerization. Experiments have shown that polarized materials appear as passive generators.
  5. Module 5. Additionally to these four modules, the device allows generating an alternating magnetic and alternating electric field. The meaning of implementing these elements consists in observation that E and M fields, modulated at low frequencies, are biologically active and can be used both individually and in combination with other elements to achieve the desired effects. The electric field created by a flat plate and is directed forward (toward the front of the unit, the back is grounded and protected from emission). The magnetic field created by four flat Tesla coils, with induction line orthogonal to the electric field. Switching coils allows implementing several additional effects: bifilar connection, connections against each other to create a longitudinal wave, the use of orthogonal electric potential (involving electric Aharonov-Bohm effect and the Stark effect).   

Technical modules. The device uses a RISC microcontroller with a clock frequency of 20MHz, which controls field genators and communication with the PC via USB 2.0 port. Analog module produces a high (up to 1kV) voltage and switches inductive and LED elements.    

The power. The device is designed to meet the standards of the EMC - European norm CE 2004/108/EG, EN50366, Russian Federation - GOST R 52084-2003, GOST P MEK 335-1-94. However, a part of the device is the active emitter of EM fields - thus a hybrid strategy was chosen. Mode 1. The first module receives power from an external high voltage power supply, the modules 2, 5, and all inductive elements are disabled - in this mode, the device does not emit electromagnetic fields and meets EM Compatibility (certified as a passive appliance.)  Mode 2. All modules are on, the instrument is an active emitter EM field (certified as meeting the standards for mobile phones).         

Frequency modulation of all types of emission. Because biological systems are sensitive to certain frequencies, the device allows modulating all of the field and the effects of ULF and ELF frequencies (from 1 Hz - 3 kHz), as well as up to the frequencies of 3-5MHz. 

Sensors used in the development of the instrument. When developing such devices, sensors play a vital role. There were used three types of sensors: sensors based on electrical double layers (deep-polarized electrodes), sensors based on quantum tunneling diodes, and biological sensors (grains, plants, micro-organisms). In development also involved psychically-gifted individuals. 

Users of this device. The device is intended for several audiences:

  • agriculture, agricultural production, greenhouses : to improve germination, increase stability and productivity.
  • classical medicine: the use of light, color, magnetic, electromagnetic effects for non-drug treatment. Very wide range of applications, the device allows the flexibility to find the modes of operation that are optimal for patients.   
  • alternative medicine : the use of experimental (informational) effects in the non-drug therapy.
  • homeopathy: the device can prepare homeopathic solutions, imprint information to the water and to liquid components.
  • psychic work: strengthening and changing psychic effects, the joint work of operators with the devices.
  • biological and physico-chemical studies: changes in the properties of materials at the phase (liquid - solid) transformations.
  • house plants, gardening: improving the growth and resistance of domestic plants, increasing germination and vitality of plants.
  • interaction at a distance: distant work with biological and non-biological objects.
  • interact with information structures: experimental effects for advanced users - establishing contacts with the information (non-physical) structures.
  • effects of rejuvenation : the experimental work related to the physiological information and rejuvenation of the body.

Production of the device . All components of the devices produced exclusively in Germany. For the production of certain modules, such as 4 and 5 were developed unique manufacturing technologies. There are several modifications of the device. The whole series "Ehmi"  are hand-held devices of low to moderate intensity and can be powered from the 5 volts battery  (or via USB connector).

Precautions and conditions of use for the device. Electromagnetic radiation instrument series "Ehmi" is within the mobile phone radiation and poses no threat to health. During the test work and experiments with the device were not seen any deviations from operators. However, the experimental effects of the device are not fully understood, and their long-term health effects is unknown. Therefore, developers are clearly and unequivocally warn that the use of modules that generate experimental effects is entirely under responsibility of users. Everydoby who received the device and read these instructions automatically agree to the terms of use of the device. Otherwise, the user should not use this device. Any therapeutic treatments of humans are strongly prohibited for those operators who have no medical education and the license. Developers are also not responsible for any other actions and their consequences, which have been caused by improper, inhuman, unethical or non-recommended way to use the device