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Akimov's torsion generator

Known Names: Akimov's torsion generator, small generator, electro-torsion generator

Development (year): end of 80x (Soviet Union)

Production: no longer in production

Known Developers: A.E.Akimov, (center VENT)

Main Sources: A.E. Akimov. Euristic discussion of the search for new long-range interaction. EGS-concept, pre-print, center Vent, Moscow, 1991


Inside a grounded metal casing 1 is the generator of electromagnetic waves G with tunable own frequency. Output circuit 3 has the capacitor C is the inductance L. Changing the polarity on the plates of the capacitor, we force the electrons to change the orientation of the ferromagnetic spin that generates electrotorsion radiation. Emission of the generator outside of the grounded metal case has only one electrotorsion component as part of the electromagnetic radiation (another part is cut off due to protection). Torsion radiation is formed by the cone 5. The frequency of the signal emitted by the torsion generator coincides with the frequency of the oscillator. Changing the frequency of electromagnetic waves changes the frequency of the output torsion signal, the torsion generator therefore is controled by means of electromagnetic fields. The following figure shows one of the Akimov's generators, widely used in torsion experiments.

Figure. Schematic diagram of the torsion generator: 1 - grounded metal housing, 2 - generator, 3-output circuit; 4- ferromagnet, 5 - cone forming the pattern of the torsion field Figure. The small Akimov' generator.
The device allows generating static torsion fields and torsion radiation at frequencies up to 100 MHz. It is possible to generate right and left torsion fields, to perform a fine adjustment of "intensity" of the output signal. Generators used different sources of torsion signal: electron beams, plasma, ferromagnetic materials, etc. Torsion polarization of the vacuum created by the cone (the highs and the left torsion fields) are shown in figure below

This effect, known as "the effect of the forms", is described by many researchers and is even patented.