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Impact on microorganisms

Short description:  high-penetrating emission ("torsion", "spinor", "radionic", magnetic vector potential emission) changes activity of microorganisms (yeast, bacteria E. coli).

Detection: measuring CO2 production of yeast, bioluminescence of bacteria E. coli

Replication: yes, see literature

Complexity of setup: average, specific equipment is required

This experiment belongs to the simplest ones, which can be performed relatively quickly and provides reliable qualitative and quantitative results. The structure of setup is shown in figure below.



The source of emission influences the microorganisms - typically yeast, or bacteria E. coli - the exposition time is between several seconds and several minutes. In some experiments, see [3], the filter is installed between the source of emission and the microorganisms. Examples of this setup (left from [1], right from [2]) are shown below.



Typical result (taken from [3]) with different filters such as penicillin and metacycline is shown below.



Microorganisms - like most of biological sensors - are very sensitive to a high-penetrating radiation (samples must be shielded from the electric and magnetic fields). These tests are easy to perform when the equipment is available (spektrometer, precision scales, temperature chamber), they convincingly demonstrate some properties - such as unspecific stimulating or inhibiting influence on biological objects - of this radiation.


[1] I. Rampl, L. Palko, P. Hyršl and L. Vojtek, "Pulsed Vector Magnetic Potential Field Existence," World Journal of Condensed Matter Physics, Vol. 2 No. 4, 2012, pp. 202-207. doi: 10.4236/wjcmp.2012.24034. (engl)

[2] V.N Anosov, E.M. TRUKHAN, "New approach to the problem of influencing weak magnetic fields on living objects". Reports of the Academy of Sciences, V.392, N. 5, c. 1-5, 2003 (rus)

[3] А.V. Bobrov, "Investigation of non-electromagnetic component in emission of quantuum generators", VINITI N 2222-В2001, Мoscow. 2001. (rus)