You are visiting the site of Association of Unconventional Science devoted to development, experiments, hardware and theory related to:

  • "high-penetrating" emission, which is already in public discussion over 200 years.
  • emission, which is generated both by technological devices as well as by humans, and correspondingly impacting devices and biological beings.
  • long-range interactions, macroscopic entitlement and “connections” between objects that are thousands miles away from each other.
  • experiments with well repeatable, but not 100%, results.
  • mental processes of the experimenter and his/her impact on the results of experiments.
  • probably, a "global computer" (alternative name: "matrix").

What's the difference between this site from other similar portals?

  • the site is focused primarily on the experimental approach.
  • we are not involved in witchcraft, religion, or philosophy.
  • We do not force anyone to "believe", anyone can verify the nature of these phenomena by their own experiments. This is the motto of this site - create your own experience.